2 minutes

Tonight I played my first proper, in-person game of Microscope, an awesome history building game from Lame Mage. The idea is to use it to develop the setting for a future campaign but we have yet to see whether that’ll pan out.

I don’t have the notes from the session so I can’t yet post up the history, but I can give a brief summary of highlights.

The overall theme was the last of humanity returning home and if I recall we started with the last generation ship waking up and ended on humanity settling down. We also ended up with a very hard sci-fi setting due to our palette banning FTL and bullshit magical hand-wavy energy weapons and force fields.

Over the course of the history, we ended up with a decidedly dark tone. Early in the time line it turned out a single man was responsible for 75% of the ships population bring euthanised. We had mass extinctions of intelligent races, wars, the destruction of old earth, the search for old earth, settling a planet, rediscovering lost technology, assassination conspiracies and I reckon a good deal more is in order before we want to stop developing the time line.

All in all it was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to both developing the time line further and playing in the setting we’ve created.

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