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As part of my drive to not be a mopey “I deserve nothing” bastard, I figured I’d highlight some of the things I’ve directly been involved in. By directly involved, I’m counting actually authoring stuff, or acting in an official role in the books production some way (so I’m not counting myself just being a ‘backer’ of something, like in Kickstarters for example). My brain would love to tell me that I’m just being self-indulgent and boasting, but I just think it’s nice to share things I’ve done with people. It’s also nice to make public some of the small pieces of ‘proof’ that real things have actually come of my work. This isn’t a complete list, but it’s most of the things I feel proud to have been a part of that I actually have physical, real-world copies of.


From the top-left going clockwise, we have:

  • The Mechanical Bard: Ninth World Tales

  • Ninth World Assassins

  • Do: The Book of Letters

  • Rails 4 Application Development HOTSHOT

  • Learning Devise for Rails

  • Triad: Hath Three Parts Wrought

The Mechanical Bard: Ninth World Tales

The Mechanical Bard: Ninth World Tales is the name of the Numenera Fiction Anthology I founded along with other members of the Numenera fan community. It’s a collection of 6 short stories sourced from authors within the Numenera fan community and hopefully, assuming all the licensing can be sorted, it will be available in PDF and print. This is a test print copy for my own personal use and it isn’t available publicly yet (but hopefully soon!). The book contains two short stories by myself, one of which can already be found in the wild on Ninth World Hub, and I also wrote the introductions to nearly all the stories within. The introductions are told in the style of preambles by the Mechanical Bard, a fictional narrator of the tales within the collection. Soon there will be a website to accompany this that will hopefully become a place where the whole Numenera community can share fan-fiction together.

Ninth World Assassins

Ninth World Assassins is a supplement for Numenera focused around (surprise!) assassins. My contributions to the project were mostly in an editing capacity (though not proofreading) and providing feedback, the odd bit of re-writing and some contributions of actual text to the book in a number of different places. On a side note, Andreas Walters, the publisher and author, is a great guy and you should expect to see more things from both us working together in the future and he also has managed a lot of the publishing gubbins with The Mechanical Bard.

Do: The Book of Letters

Do: The Book of Letters is a supplement to the roleplaying game Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, a delightful, child-friendly, story-telling game by Daniel Solis which I backed on Kickstarter. Gameplay revolves around people sending letters to the temple asking for help, and those letters form the basis of the ‘missions’ the players (as pilgrims) go out to complete. During the Kickstart there was a call for submissions of letters from the backer community, so I submitted one and it was picked for inclusion in the games supplementary letters book. I think this was my first ever piece of published game writing.

Rails 4 Application Development HOTSHOT

Onto the more technical side of things, I acted as one of the Technical Reviewers on Rails 4 Application Development, a book that covers developing several different kinds of applications, from Pinterest clones to simple video hosting and streaming sites. The book gives a lot of great insights into building more web applications with Rails 4 beyond the typical “to-do list app”.

Learning Devise for Rails

Another book I was a Technical Reviewer for, in fact, the first one, this book covers learning to use the Devise gem for authentication on your Rails application. It’s for beginners, so doesn’t get super advanced, but it’s great if you are just starting out and want to get to grips with the systems Devise provides.

Triad: Hath Three Parts Wrought

Triad is my first (and only) completed NaNoWriMo novel. As a result, it’s terrible, but it has a lot of good ideas. For a long time I’ve had the ideas of a world about which fiction could be written or within games could be run, but it existed almost entirely inside my head. The novel was a way of getting those ideas out onto paper, so as such it can be a bit info-dumpy at times and obviously being a NaNoWriMo novel and pants-ed the entire way through, it quickly becomes ludicrous. However, the raw, unedited draft is available publicly on the internet if you wish to offend your eyes with terrible writing. This print copy was created using the free CreateSpace offer winner of NaNoWriMo get, just so I could have a nice physical print for editing. However every time I look at the story I physically cringe from the awfulness, so it’s yet to go through a rewrite or edit phase.

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