It's Good to be Back

2 minutes

Finally after an extended hiatus, we’re back playing a roleplaying game again! We’ve returned to Numenera, but sadly due to a number of dropouts, we decided to start a fresh campaign with new characters. I’m in the driving seat again as GM and we kicked off the adventure with one of the PCs already captured in a slavers caravan heading to Rarmon in the Pytharon Empire. The other two PCs, trying to cross the Empire on their way to Nihliesh, ended up captured as well after a bit of a scuffle and negotiation.

The group this time around is made up of an ageing cyborg - a Wise Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel and a pair of mutants, one a man on fire with adhesive hands and a knack for resisting attacks on his mind - a Mutant Nano who Bears a Halo of Fire and a slow, lumbering woman with prehensile dreadlocks, telekinetic abilities and a robust digestion system, with a strangely absent past - a Mutant Nano who Isn’t. It’s particularly interesting for me this time around because I wrote the “Isn’t” focus, so it’s good to see it play-tested outside my own solo test scenarios. “Wise” also comes from as does our Firey Nano’s “Very smart” mutation that grants him his armour versus psychic attacks and the female mutant’s “robust digestion”. It’s going to be fun to put some of the communities additions through their paces.

The session last night was really only meant to be a quick character generation session and maybe a quick dip into the game to establish a few things. Suddenly midnight arrived and the group had caused a mass-slave escape in the Slaver’s Markets of Rarmon. Riots and looting ensued. It was a great session and the Isn’t focus played out really well, the ‘Absent Esoteries’ effect adding a lot of fun to the actions going on throughout the groups bid for freedom. Really looking forward to the next game.

Since we dropped the old campaign, I let slip some of the behind-the-scenes things that were happening. They’d unshackled an AI they’d dealt with before, started the beginnings of a Magyr holy war and depending on their actions (though probably, considering) the King of Ghan was going to be assassinated and they’d likely be implicated, plus it was the first step on the Jagged Dream’s plan to instigate a huge war between the Beyond and the Steadfast. Fun times!

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