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Unofficial Numenera content site The Ninth World is currently running a content creation competition. I decided to throw my hat in the ring a number of times and wrote some locations, oddities, descriptors and other bits and pieces over the last couple of days. If you like them, I’d appreciate the upvotes so I can win some prizes! Chances are I’ll write some more before the competition ends, but I thought all of this was enough to warrant a post. Enjoy, and if you use any of these in your games, do let me know how it turns out!


Nerve Supplanter


Reality Augmenter


Ben Orsay - Ghan Ex-pat and Merchant Captain The Soil Man


Outcast Spiteful Blessed


Channels the Ancients Rolls the Dice


The Nomad Louse The Ringway Armfell




A bottle of 12 large, green pills A chrome box with two large slots in it A large, 3 fingered glove of black synth A long hard strip of synth A thin black cuboid with a silver disc embedded in it An odd, semi-translucent pink cuboid of solid glass

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