Numenera Encounter: Spidermist

3 minutes


Perhaps distant cousins to Yellow Swarms, Spidermist looks like a fine, iridescent mist that floats gently wherever it happens to form. Upon closer inspection, spidermist is actually a large mass of incredibly fine white spiderwebs with an oily, rainbow hue, swarming with small, transparent spiders that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Spidermist clouds phase into and out of our reality seemingly at random intervals.


GM Intrusion: A spidermist cloud phases in, blocking your view.


1 (3)


To feed on colours and light


A spidermist cloud, while consisting of several million tiny spiders, is treated as a singular organism. They can appear anywhere, though they nearly always appear when the wind is still and in areas of rich, vibrant colours. They are entirely passive.




Immediate. Spidermist moves as the wind takes it, but can slowly drift under its own power. Generally they avoid moving creatures or active settlements, but have been known to phase in and drain people or livestock of colour whilst they were sleeping.


They have no armour against fire-based attacks.


Spidermist clouds don’t attack, but anything they make contact with is slowly drained of colour and light.


Attacking spidermist is as futile as attacking a burst of steam. It is incredibly hard to damage a spidermist cloud enough to disperse it before it just phases out. However, fire destroys spidermist clouds rapidly and effectively and any contact with fire is almost certain to cause a spidermist cloud to phase out of reality immediately. Spidermist can be herded easily using fans, bellows or just large boards to push it around. Spidermist drains colour from everything, be it living tissue or synthetic materials. The draining process takes several hours of prolonged exposure and spidermist rarely stays in one place long enough for an area to be rendered entirely black, often phasing out or moving before that happens.


Spidermist is a great weird creature to expose players to. It can be shown to be used by farmers who use the spiders to ‘dye’ their wares black and non-reflective, or merely muted. It could also be a strange obstacle that might concern the players but doesn’t actually harm them in any way.


1d6 entirely black, non-reflective pieces of cloth or other light material (oddities)

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