Okay, I wont deny it. Yes, I’m a miserable bastard. Even my own Dad has told me this on one occasion and rightly so, for it is most certainly true. […]

Okay, so I’ve used Windows 7 a bit on and off and I’m fed up with it. Like all other versions of Windows it’s basically shite. Why? Because Microsoft seems […]

Haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been crazy busy, not quite sure what with but it seems like I’m always doing something else and never have enough time for anything […]

A while ago I, among others, were harassed on the bus. Four young boys were yelling verbal abuse at the other riders, spitting at and indeed on them and otherwise […]

Well, I avoided joining my friends in consigning my soul to oblivion today. Today, I was sufficiently bored that I decided I’d try out EVE-Online, a game that until now […]

I’ve not been a great fan of SUSE but for some reason I installed it on my media box – all the other boxes in the house have Ubuntu on […]

Disclaimer: This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, I was just inspired to share my personal attitude towards such things by a recent event. People amuse me sometimes. I find […]

Well, we got our new passports today, our first official pieces of documentation with our new, married identities on. Hurray! I thought, but it was too good to be true. […]

In a discussion with a friend over phones, I covered a little bit of my personal philosophy regarding how I treat freedom and open source software amongst other things. When […]