I’d like to say I’ve been thinking about my novel, Urges, but I haven’t really. For the most part I’ve just been moaning about being in pain (again) or studying for my driving theory test on Saturday.

The brief few thoughts I have had all derive from the same thing, that thing being the “meat” of the story. Oh, that ever elusive meat, the second act which makes a story a story, rather than a cool idea and a weak punchline.

Yesterday I posted about some of the ideas I had so I’m going to take this opportunity to develop them now, assuming I can remember what any of them were. This whole 750words.com thing does not lend itself well to referring to notes, but then again that is kind of the point, it’s meant to be an outpouring of words, a brain dump of text.

But I digress… back to thoughts on my novel.