You may remember I was a technical reviewer on a book for Packt a while back (I’ve also reviewed another book that’ll hopefully be out soon for them). Well, they recently published their 2000th book so they’ve started another offer – unlimited buy one, get one free on their ebook range (which is effectively their entire library). If you want to pick up some ebooks on the cheap, now is the time to do it.

Their 2000th book is one about Dart, which funnily enough I’ve been pretty interested in picking up myself. Dart is another language by Google, one that compiles to javascript, but can also be used directly by the DartVM both server-side and in the browser. Notch of Minecraft fame made a WebGL game using it recently for Ludum Dare, you can watch the video on twitch.

Made a very basic character generator assistant for Numenera. You can find it here: http://darkliquid.co.uk/playground/numenera/