Rusthaven: Now Available!

It has finally happened – Rusthaven is now available for sale on DrivethruRPG! It has been a long road to get here, with no shortage of hurdles (and no doubt […]

I previous said I’d be disappointed if it took all the way until June or beyond to get Rusthaven launched, and disappointed I am. Life has thrown a few curve […]

Rusthaven: Murkstone Builders

Of all the creatures in the Rusthaven sourcebook, one of my favourites is the Murkstones. They come in two variants, the common Crawlers and their much rarer creators, the Builders. […]

Rusthaven Intro Image

Rusthaven is still being worked on. Currently artwork is still coming in and some last few bits of writing are coming together. A final editing/proofing pass is scheduled and then […]

This year I chose to be a massive cheat for NaNoWriMo by both adding to an existing work and editing it. To double down on the cheating, it isn’t even a novel, but a sourcebook for one of my favourite roleplaying games, Numenera!

Over the course of NaNoWriMo, I wrote approximately 20k additional words on my project and did 30 hours of editing, resulting in a final word count for the project of 60883.

I’ve still got a lot of work to do. I need to do all the art orders, get the actual art, get the map made for it, do all the layout, get it properly edited by someone who is not me and then publish this bad boy. All these things will cost money because I suck at them and will need to pay someone else – so I guess my next task is actually finding people to do these jobs and rustling up the money to pay them.

Lots of Numenera Goodness

Lots of stuff has been happening in the Ninth World lately and it’s all pretty exciting! First of all, I finally received my Numenera Reliquary Boxset, and holy crap is […]

In a new adventure I’m running on Friday evenings, our group of adventurers and outcasts are performing a mission for some shadowy benefactor who has yet to make themselves known. […]