Kickstarter for many seems to be a mixed bag, but so far I’ve had fairly good luck with it. Out of all the projects I’ve backed, including ones that have not yet finished funding, a little over 50% have delivered me things.

Of the ones that haven’t delivered yet, nearly all of them haven’t yet reached their estimated delivery dates or even finished their kickstarter campaigns yet. In fact, only about 8 or so have passed their deadlines and of those, only about 2 or 3 have basically disappeared with the money and never delivered anything and cut all communications with anyone.

On the whole, I’ve had a pretty good run, I’d say.

So this morning I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed, but I was bored, so what did I do?

I used my phone to ssh into my media pc. From there I installed x11vnc on the machine. Then I installed a VNC client on my phone. Then I used vnc to connect to the media pc so I could reconfigure some GUI software to provide a remote control interface. Then I installed a remote control app for my phone for the software, used it set up some tasks I wanted done in the background, then I streamed a movie from the media pc to VLC on my phone.

A lot of work so I can lay in bed and do nothing 🙂