I’ve updated my Numenera generators as big, fat single page application. it’s still a work in progress (and consequently, some things have less features than before), but it has come together quite nicely and therefore I feel it’s ready for launch.

I’ve very much enjoyed learning and working with Google’s Golang recently. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a new, open-source programming language from Google. It’s very similar to C in […]

$5 eBook Bonanza @ Packt - offer ends Jan 3rd

If you’re looking to get yourself a bunch of technical eBooks and/or videos on the cheap, Packt have your back at the moment – they’ve launched an “eBook Bonanza”, offering all their eBooks and videos for only $5 each. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

I also recently helped them out as a technical reviewer for Learning Devise for Rails, which I imagine is also covered in the offer, so if you fancy picking that up on the cheap, now is a good a time as any.